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Crete is the largest island of Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea. It is divided into four districts and has an area of 8.336 km2. The population is almost half a million. Crete joined Greece in 1913, although the Association was primarily took place in 1908 after the Cretan revolution.

The island is mostly mountainous with three large mountain massifs: the White Mountains, IDI (Psiloritis) and Dikti.

The famous caves and Gorges of Crete, the Samaria - a gorge located in the South of the Chania of district of is the most. The caves Diktaion Andron and Idaion Andron are well known. The main level of the island is the level of Messara in the South of the Heraklion of district of. There is no on Crete notable rivers - streams are the most likely.

The climate of Crete is regarded as one of the mildest and healthiest in Europe. In the meantime, has continental characteristics of the climate in the Interior of the island and on the high plateaus of the higher mountain ranges. The mountains are mostly bare. The proportion of the forest is much lower than the average in the rest of Greece.

Kalives The economy of the island is mainly dominated by agriculture with special emphasis on the production of grapes, olives, citrus fruit, potatoes and early vegetables. Cattle breeding is much less developed than the field economy. A large part of the economy is based on tourism. Due to its mild climate during the winter months, Crete has year-round tourist season. Most tourists visit North Crete, where there is the most archaeologically interesting places.
There are many resorts in operation. The industry and the craft have no significant evolution and focus mainly on the handling and processing of agricultural products (olive oil, wine).

The transport links of Crete to the rest of Greece takes place through a dense air - and ship network. There is a direct connection with Athens and Piräus but also with Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Santorini and many other island of the Aegean Sea. The roads in the Interior are satisfactory with a dense network of highways.

The history of Crete is long. The mythology says that Zeus in the Diktaion Andron was born and raised, while the first traces of civilization are dated on the island to the year 8000. Since that time and later the prehistoric finds are a the history of Crete and eventful as Crete was the crossroads of the Mediterranean for many centuries: Minoans, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Venetians and Turks, all have left their traces widely scattered. The history of the island is full of struggles and revolutions in modern times.

Many artists who gained international fame, born on Crete, have worked there or come from the island, such as kazantzakis or Dominikos Theotokopoulos (El Greco), and many others. Besides all this, Crete is equated with the concept of hospitality and of masculinity. The island has a huge ethnic and cultural tradition and perhaps the richest folk music of Greece.

Kalives Quiet pension, which will be also our location, is located in Kalives, directly on the sea. It has a covered garden and the balconies of the apartments overlook the sea.

We will be there by the 07.10.2019 to 18.10.2019 with all levels (Elementary, independent, and competent use of language). The Sunday before the beginning and at the end of the course Saturday are the arrival or departure day.

In the elementary use of language, we learn with the book "ΓΕΙΑ ΣΟΥ" or "ΠΑΜΕ". In the independent use of language, we use the textbooks "ΕΠΙΚΟΙΝΩΝΗΣΤΕ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ 2" or "ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ ΤΩΡΑ 2 + 2". Competently use language we use in the book "ΕΠΙΚΟΙΝΩΝΗΣΤΕ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ 3" and in the course of conversation we use narratives by different Greek writers, the book series by DELTOS and original literature of the writer Eleni Torossi, Vassilis Alexakis and others. 
Kalives  The lessons take place from 9:30 13:00 from Monday to Friday. In the late afternoon, we end the day with the learning of Greek songs (17:30 19:00). The teaching material is provided by us. Also audio material is used in the courses. Outside the classroom we could do a joint cultural trip (Chania and aptera o.a.) weekend (not with included in the price). 

Learn Greek, learn with the Greeks!

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