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We offer all levels in Bremen. You can choose between intensive courses, held once a week and individual courses tailored to you.

They are introduced by Greek native speakers in a pleasant and communicative way in the Greek language.

For the elementary level, we use the textbooks "PAME! -ΠΑΜΕ!" or "Γεια σου - Jassu!". Quick learner work alternatively with "Taxidi stin Ellada" or "Επικοινωνείστε Ελληνικά 1". In junior high, we employ "Επικοινωνείστε Ελληνικά 2", small reading of the book series by DELTOS and their own materials to the textbook. In the higher grades - or conversation course, we use the book "Επικοινωνήστε Ελληνικά 3", the book series by DELTOS and original literature of the writer Eleni Torossi, Vassilis Alexakis, Antonis of Sourounis, etc.

We supplement the textbooks with extensive audio material, which greatly facilitates the learning of the language.

Our weekly courses comprise 20 lessons and run over 10 nights. If you ask to lessons, courses and corporate training.

You can register any time for a course.

We await you!

from 6 participants in Bremen, January 2018
A1.1.1 ΠΑΜΕ! Lesson 1         09. Jan. Mon 18:15 €100,00 Thanos Pantidis
A1.1.2 ΠΑΜΕ! Lesson 4         09. Jan. Tue 18:15 €100,00

Thanos Pantidis

A2.1.2 ΠΑΜΕ! Lesson 8         23. Jan. Thu 18:00 €100,00

Kostis Manos

B1. 2 TAXIDI stin Ellada B1 & B2 Thu 18:30 €100,00
Thanos Pantidis
C1 own materials conversation Thu 20:00 €100,00
Akis Zachariadis
Individual tuition     €40,00
Thanos Pantidis

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